Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Boat Stands

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Boat Trailers


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Finding a way to keep your boat safe when out of the water in a boat storage facility, an outdoor boatyard, or even on your own property can be a challenge. For both powerboats and sailboats, boat stands can provide a low cost, highly effective, and secure way to store boats when they are not in the water.

As with any type of equipment, buying stands from a specialized boat and accessories company is always the best decision. This ensures the boat stands have been designed and tested to safely hold and support boats of different lengths and types.

When buying stands, there are several common mistakes that even experience boat owners can make. Being aware of these mistakes helps to avoid the problems that can be caused by purchasing cheap quality stands or not considering all of the issues for the number and design of the stands.
Not Checking the Quality of Materials and Construction

There are a lot of cheap stands on the market. These stands may look like more costly stands, but close inspection of the welded areas, the padding to protect the hulls and even the design of the stand shows them to inferior to the quality products on the market.

Quality stands are still very reasonably priced, and they will last for a lifetime of use. Cheaper stands are more likely to rust or even to break, which can lead to significant damage to the boat. Poor manufacturing and materials for the padded area of the stand are also likely to cause damage to the boat’s hull.

Failing to Read and Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations

All manufacturers recommend a specific number of boat stands based on the length and type of the boat. Always read this information and ensure the correct number of stands are purchased to support the boat safely where it is stored.

Look for stands that are also designed to be easy to adjust to snug up to the boat’s hull. They should also be designed for stacking out of the way when not in use, freeing up valuable storage space in the boatyard or in indoor areas.

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