Missing Teeth Can Be Disguised With a Dental Bridge in Cincinnati OH

Teeth can be lost due to injuries or decay. When a person is missing some of their teeth, they can often feel embarrassed and ashamed to smile. Thankfully, a dentist can help with this issue and make a person’s smile complete. Bridges help to “bridge” the gap between teeth so the smile is made more attractive. This information seeks to inform patients of what they can expect when getting a Dental Bridge in Cincinnati OH.

What Happens When a Bridge Is Needed?

When a bridge is needed, that means one or more teeth are missing. The bridge is put in place to replace the missing teeth so it looks as if a person never lost any of their teeth. To prepare the mouth for a bridge, the teeth that are on either side of the gap must be prepared just like they would be for a single crown.

This means the teeth are made rounder and smaller so they are able to fit within the crowns that will form the ends of the bridge. Once the teeth have been properly prepared, the dentist will begin to make impressions so they can be sent off to the dental lab for the making of the bridge.

Bridges Make Smiles Look Beautifully Complete

Once the bridge has been made by the dental lab, it will be fitted for the patient. A bridge consists of two crowns with a prosthetic tooth in the center, which fills in the gap left behind by the missing tooth or teeth.

The crown is first dry-fitted to ensure it will slide over the two teeth that have been prepared and have ample space. If adjustments need to be made, these will be made before the bridge has adhered in place.

A Dental Bridge in Cincinnati OH can last as long as a crown, usually up to fifteen years. Routine maintenance is important for ensuring the bridge does not become damaged or loose over the years.

If you are missing a tooth, a bridge can close the gap and make your smile look beautiful. To learn more about this dental procedure, visit Coleraindenture.com. Call the office today if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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