Miscommunication: A Leading Cause of Medical Malpractice

Recent reports have found that medical malpractice causes patients preventable harm over 400,000 times each year. The leading cause of this staggering problem within the U.S. healthcare system can be largely attributed to making simple communication errors. A Woodridge medical malpractice lawyer has the experience to investigate the incident and help determine whether the physician, staff or hospital is culpable for any ensuing injuries and damages.

Miscommunication and Medical Malpractice

A Woodridge medical malpractice lawyer understands how easily breakdowns in communication occur between the patient and physician, fellow physicians, physicians and nurses, and the hospital staff as well. Miscommunication often results from poor documentation, over-staffing, and not enough pre-treatment meetings. Most of these issues can be corrected by improving hospital policies, spending more time with the patient, and leaving more detailed records.

Communication Errors in Healthcare

Even though they are correctable and preventable, communication errors can cause patients a substantial amount of harm. Communication errors are often the root cause of potentially fatal incidents like surgical errors, treatment errors, anesthesia errors, diagnostic errors and medication errors. Communication errors can be deadly for patients with time-sensitive conditions or for those depending on specific prescriptions to live.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Court

A Woodridge medical malpractice lawyer may be able to help prove that a communication error occurred and that it directly led to harm that incurred actual damages for the plaintiff. Legal counsel may be able to help determine how much of an economic loss was caused by the medical malpractice and obtain adequate compensation from the court.

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