Michelin tyres are safer and worth considering

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Automotive


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The tyres on your vehicle are the only point of contact between the road and a heavy vehicle travelling at high speeds. It is absolutely essential that your tyres are well looked after to maintain their performance and quality. Although Michelin tyres are safer and worth considering you cannot ignore them, even a Michelin tyre can wear or be damaged, either of which will negatively affect your vehicles performance and even worse, compromise the safety of the passengers and bystanders.

Correct tyre pressure is one of the keys to tyre performance and longevity, check the pressure a couple of times a month and when you stop for fuel have a quick look at the tyres; check to see they are in good condition, that there is still ample tread depth and there are is no apparent damage from road hazards.

Why is it necessary to replace tyres?

  • Even though Michelin tyres are safer and well worth considering, they too may sometimes puncture. If any tyre is punctured it is strongly recommended that it be looked at by a tyre pro, these people know if the inside suffered damage, if there is evidence of interior damage the tyre must be replaced, it cannot be repaired.
  • It is very hard to predict in advance just how long a tyre can be used. The useful life of a tyre has nothing to do about when it was manufactured. What does have an effect on the life expectancy of a tyre is the climate, the conditions of use, the tyre load, the speed at the vehicle is driven, inflation pressure and the owners driving style.
  • Subject your tyres to the five year test. Michelin tyres will certainly last for five years or more but they should be checked by a tyre pro when they reach this age.Driving at speed into a pothole or running over an object can do significant damage to any tyre. If you notice any cuts on the tread or sidewall have a tyre pro give you his opinion, only a pro can tell you if a repair is possible.
  • Any abnormal wear is not the fault of the tyre; it is the fault of a problem with the vehicle. Abnormal wear on the side of tread or in the centre can be the result of out of balance, over inflation, shock absorber problems, etc. To prevent this, have the alignment checked a couple of times a year.Even though Michelin tyres are safer and worth considering they are only as good as the care you give them. Routine observation, proper inflation and alignment will help your Michelin’s give you many years of trouble free driving.

Michelin tyres are safer and well worth your consideration. To check which Michelin tyres are recommended for use on your car drop by Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart in Melbourne.

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