Metal Cleaning Services: Why Choose Oxygen Cleaning?

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Metal Fabricators


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Metal cleaning involves a variety of specific types of processes in both the pre and post finishing stages. While metal cleaning services may be straightforward, it can also consist of approaches that are more complex. Fabricators in Massachusetts, when prepping or finishing a component, understand the need to address each situation in terms of the diverse variables concerned. In certain situations, the specifications will demand what is known as oxygen cleaning.

What Is Oxygen Cleaning?

If the component is to function within an environment rich in oxygen, it needs to be “oxygen clean,” In other words, the item must be free from any form of impurities or contaminants that could potentially ignite in such an atmosphere. These include such things as:

* Hydrocarbon materials e.g. oils, greases

* Machining residuals

* Weld slag

Finishing and fabrication shops will adopt a process referred to as Oxygen Cleaning to remove any dangerous potentially combustible material. The entire process focuses on achieving a specific level of cleanliness. Attention is also paid to other important factors including:

* Shape

* Configuration

* Metal employed

* Packaging requirements

These aspects of the material, the process and the intended result all factor into the very stringent adherence to the cleanliness specifications and requirements of any item intended to work in a clean environment. These metal cleaning services utilize specific procedures to achieve this beneficial goal.

Benefits of Oxygen Cleaning

Cleaning in such an extensive manner provides benefits for the customers who employ it. Whether the environment is one rich in oxygen content or sensitive in other ways, oxygen cleaning can prove to be advantageous. It:

* Removal of the threat of an explosion

* Extends the life of the equipment

* Increases the overall level of safety

* Less expensive than replacement parts

By requesting the implementation of oxygen cleaning services, a business owner or industrial manufacturer or laboratory equipment supplier is avoiding the high risk of an explosion and subsequent fire reducing the facility (or aircraft) to rubble, causing injuries and fatalities and destroying years of painstaking work in a lab in Massachusetts or other workplace.

Metal Cleaning Services

If your component or product is going to operate in an oxygen rich environment, it is very important you have it cleaned appropriately. For labs and other facilities, the recommendation is to employ oxygen cleaning. These metal cleaning services are noted by Massachusetts fabricators and finishers, to be one of several means a manufacturer can help a company significantly reduce if not eliminate the risk of a fire or explosion in clean labs.

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