Memory Foam Mattress Sale in Lexington – Product Features to Evaluate

Few things can provide for a restful night’s sleep as much as a memory foam mattress. If you happen to be suffering from back pain, arthritis, or some form of joint pain, you may be in the market to search for a memory foam mattress sale. Lexington residents can find great deals on these mattresses from providers that also offer high quality mattress options.

Before you choose a memory foam mattress, it’s important to have in mind some of the factors that can contribute to such a mattress.


An important factor in determining a quality mattress the density of the foam included in the mattress. This density can be defined as the mattress’s weight measured in cubic feet of foam. Memory foam mattresses usually are available in low and high density versions. High density memory foam in these mattresses is usually 4 pounds or greater, and molds to your body. Low density memory foam response to the pressure applied from your body.

Temperature Sensitivity

When you’re evaluating a memory foam mattress sale, you want to check the temperature sensitivity of the mattresses and how they conform to your body to produce optimum comfort. The standard mattress does not provide this contouring and forming function as does a memory foam mattress. In addition mattresses that include memory foam are able to absorb heat that can increase your comfort level while resting and sleeping.

Sufficient Top Layer

Make sure your mattress has a sufficiently thick layer of foam as its top layer. A thin layer will often not provide the level of comfort that is desirable. In general, the memory foam layer should be 3 inches or greater in thickness.


Make sure your mattress has a sufficient warranty. In general, you should expect a memory foam mattress sale to offer mattress products with at least a 10 year warranty.

Carefully review the features among the mattresses you are considering for purchase. Don’t settle for imitation memory foam. Make sure the materials that make up your memory foam mattress are genuine.

By considering the above factors, you can purchase a mattress that gives you a high level of comfort that can last for the long-term.


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