Memory Foam Mattress Sale – Get a Deal for Your Lexington Home

Are you looking to experience a much better night of sleep? Do you feel that the mattress you are now sleeping on doesn’t provide you with the comfort and support you need? If you can answer one or both of these questions in the affirmative, then you may be highly interested in looking into a memory foam mattress sale. Lexington residents, whether homeowners or apartment dwellers, who are having issues with lack of rest and discomfort can benefit from the top great deals offered at these mattress sales.

Some of the benefits and features that come with these mattresses are described below.

Density is Important
One key factor that determines whether a mattress can provide you with a quality and comfort you need is the density of the foam contained within the mattress. There are mattresses with low and high foam densities. The density itself is defined as the weight of the mattress in cubic feet of foam. If you have a foam density of four pounds or more, you generally have a high density memory foam mattress which can help cradle your body with comfort.

Comfortable Contouring and Temperature
Another important factor to consider when shopping at a memory foam mattress sale is the temperature sensitivity of the mattress. Mattress that can absorb heat efficiently can be very comfortable. The standard mattress cannot contour your body in the same way in which a memory foam mattress can.

Foam Layer
An additional factor that plays into the comfort level you experience with the mattress is the thickness of the foam layer. Generally speaking you should expect your memory foam mattress to have a 3 inch or thicker layer of foam in order to provide you with the comfort level you desire.

The Warranty
Of course this holds true for many types of products, but a warranty is essential to have with your memory foam mattress and a good warranty is even better. Make sure you have a 10 year plus warranty with the mattress you purchase at a memory foam mattress sale.

In addition, you want to make sure that the memory foam that exists within the mattress you purchase is genuine and not some type of imitation foam.

Consider all these factors when you are ready to buy a memory foam mattress.


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