Medical supplies to help you stay independent

If you suffer from mobility issues, or a chronic disease, staying in your own home and being independent is likely a huge concern. With Drive medical supplies, though, you can have what you need in order to get around safely and easily. You will depend less on family, neighbors and health experts to perform day-to-day chores. Not only does this help you medically, but emotionally and mentally as well. You can feel good knowing you can do things on your own.

Scooters and Wheelchairs
The company has a wide range of scooters and wheelchairs to help you get around, both inside and out. They can be powered by motor or hand-operated; and they come with a range of features to make you as comfortable as possible (padded seats and armrests, covers, etc.)

Bathroom Safety
Getting in and out of the tub can be a real challenge. Drive Medical makes it easier with a selection of handrails, seats and grips that improve your overall mobility with getting in and out, up and down. The ergonomic handles are a natural fit and won’t feel awkward as you grab them.

Automatic Door Opener
Turning a door handle can be quite a challenge for some people, particularly those with arthritis. An automatic door opener, operated by radio signal, opens and closes automatically, easing you in and out of rooms.

Personal Care
Little things count! Elastic shoe laces, shoe horns and hand-grippers can all make life easier around the house and help you with self-care tasks. From tying your shoes to reaching for that bowl on the top shelf, Drive Medical carries a number of personal care items that will help you with small but important day-to-day chores.

With supplies from Drive Medical you can rest assured that you will stay independent and mobile for many years to come.


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