Material Handling Systems – Automated Labeling

As your warehouse facility grows, it can get harder to keep track of your inventory. This is especially true when you add storage media like mezzanines and other structures. With the expansion, order filling can get more time-consuming and complex, and it’s possible to make errors, leading to problems with customers. Material handling systems like automatic labeling, can solve many of these issues and here is why.

Automatic Bar Coding

When you automate your bar coding system, you speed up the process. In fact, you have three options for barcode automation.

Pre-Printed Labels

It’s possible to assign barcodes to goods as they travel on conveyors to their destinations. For example, you can apply them before they enter stretch wrappers or palletizers. You can separate inventory into specific groups according to bar codes. It’s also possible to keep track of palletized loads this way.

Spray-On Codes

If you want to cut costs, consider spray-on or ink application material handling systems for your barcodes. This is a cost-effective method because you save money on pre-printed labels and you don’t have to invest in label application equipment. However, you’ll need to make sure your equipment is properly maintained. For example, spray heads need regular cleaning.

Unique Coding

In some cases, you may need material handling systems for identifying each product. This is especially important when you need to track serial numbers for warranty information. This kind of equipment prints out special labels which it attaches automatically.

Choosing the Best System

When you choose a product identification method for your goods, go to material handling systems specialists. These companies help you make the best decisions, and they can give you the equipment and supervision you need for the job. Warehousing specialists offer a wide range of solutions for your business and can install any system you need.


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