Managing the After-effects of an Anxiety Attack

Anxiety attacks manifest in different ways for different people. Some people feel the anxiety begin in concentrated areas of the body, like their hands or ribs, before it begins to slowly spread. Others may feel a shock of adrenaline and fear before they are completely overwhelmed or immobilized by the attack.

In the United States, 40 million adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. Most people have very different experiences with anxiety attacks. However, the after-effects of an anxiety attack are common. It’s important to feel a sense of empowerment after an anxiety attack, and there are three methods you can try to help yourself recover.

Get to Know Yourself

There is no one right way to recover from an anxiety attack. The best way for you to recover probably isn’t perfectly described in any text book or blog. Exploring different options with your psychologist can help you to determine your recovery needs. Some people need to rest and relax in a quiet, dark area. Others need to be around loved ones. Even a repetitive exercise, such as push ups, has been a recovery tactic for some people.

Laugh as Much as Possible

The chemicals that are released in your brain during an anxiety attack are a strain on your body. One of the easiest ways to relieve the chemical disruption in your brain is to introduce dopamine, the happy chemical.

Finding a reason to laugh or feel good after an anxiety attack will be a difficult challenge, but it could give you great relief. Bookmark some of your favorite funny animal videos so you can easily reach them when you need to feel better. Call the funniest person you know and ask to hear some jokes. Ask someone for a hug and get a good dose of oxytocin, the bonding chemical.

Refuse the Embarrassment

It’s normal to feel especially vulnerable after an attack, but anxiety is never a reason to feel shame. The attention that people give you during the attack may be overwhelming, but if they understand that you have a disorder, they are definitely not judging your behavior. Don’t immediately beat yourself up after an attack.

If you live in the Royal Oak area and need help learning to recover from anxiety attack, having the assistance of a trained and licensed psychologist can make a huge difference in managing your recovery. You can still have a fulfilling life while living with an anxiety disorder.

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