Managing Hair Extensions in Mesa with Thin Hair

Women face thinning hair issues similar to men in many ways. Sure, theirs is often less noticeable and naturally more subtle, but thinning hair in women is a lot less socially acceptable, as they say. So women of all ages are looking at ways to bring out the fullness in their hair and combat even middling quantities of thinning hair. Hair extensions have become a natural answer for thinning hair, and the below explores some of the elements of extensions that are often forgotten or a bit misunderstood.

Hair Extensions for Thinning
Most women in particular think that Hair Extensions in Mesa are reserved for cosmetic purposes only, and only work with long hair. Now extensions work a lot better with long thick hair, that is for certain. But many experts are trained to implement extensions in thin hair. The longer the actual hair, the less extension is needed to provide a natural full look. The general rule is that 2 to 4 inches should be present to provide for extensions double that length. So whatever the desired final length is, remove the present hair. It should be no more than twice as long as the pre-existing hair length.

Washing Hair Basics
Hair should always be washed going from the top to the bottom. Long easy strokes are used to wash the hair. Despite common belief, both shampoo and conditioner can and probably should be used to keep the hair clean. There are special products on the market for use with hair extensions, but they are not particularly necessary. If one is careful and practical, there should be no reason to experience hair damage or extension loss.

General Areas of Maintenance
Hair Extensions in Mesa are very easy to maintain, but there are a few small things that often go forgotten. One of these is the infamous ‘go to sleep with wet hair.’ This will cause clotting and be a serious problem for extensions, and it isn’t advisable in any situation.

Make sure to put hair into a braid or ponytail during sleep. With the above considerations, handling hair extensions is an easy strategy for limiting hair loss and keeping hair full and healthy. Visit the official website for Donte’s of New York to get all extension-related questions answered.


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