Making Top Choices When You Buy Cigars Online

If you are new to the enjoyment of a good stogie, or if you have always bought your cigars at a local store, you may find the making the decision to buy cigars online offers a lot of different benefits and advantages.

However, just as with any type of purchase, not all online retailers are created equal, so there is the need to ensure that you are buying from a top quality retailer who focuses in on proper storage of the cigars, shipping options that protect the cigars from temperature extremes, and overall security for their website.

If you are going to buy cigars online, here are the most important aspects to consider before placing your order. Once you have a regular online retailer you buy from you will have more comfort and confidence in placing orders, and you may even be able to take advantage of loyalty programs and other discounts for VIP customers.

Top Sales

Top sales or high sales numbers are important for a consumer to consider when they buy cigars online. Companies with low sales volume have to warehouse their cigars, cigarillos and little cigars for a longer period of time.

As anyone who loves cigars knows, the storage temperature and humidity for cigars is important. In a best case scenario, all cigars should be stored at 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal freshness and quality.

With low volume sales and without the use of commercial humidors, the quality of the cigars you will receive with your order can vary.

Shipping Costs

One cost that many people don’t consider when they buy cigars online is the shipping cost. Some companies may offer free shipping, but then they increase the costs of the individual products to allow for the costs to actually be built into the cost of the cigars.

With a top company the shipping costs, when you buy cigars online, will be provided during checkout. This allows you to choose the most cost-effective shipping option based on your needs.


A great many retailers offering customers the option to buy cigars online have a limited selection of brands, cigars, and types. On the other hand, some of the top online retails offer a top selection of all price points of cigars, making them a much better option to shop with now and in the future.

It is well worth our time to compare different online sites if you plan to buy cigars online. You will be surprised at the differences in websites and the options available.

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