Make Your Party Special With Party Hire Experts

If you are going to be having an excellent party shortly, you may want to step it up and make it special. Most people wish to have a big shebang that will leave people talking it about it for months or even years. However, to do this, it will take planning on your part and may require you to use party hire experts. You have many options, so it may be helpful to learn about those options and how to get started.


A marquee is something like a tent that will house the people at your event. This works perfectly if it will be a bright and sunny day and you want to keep people cool. It can also work well for night-time events to keep bugs away or will help if it rains on your party day. These are great for corporate events and weddings, as well as any other social needs. You can have various designs, stage covers and even silk linings to make it perfect and noticeable for your next big event.


Most people won’t have the space to store large tables and chairs for parties, but furniture is necessary for people to be comfortable. Therefore, you can rent these items from a part-hire company, including comfortable chairs, folding chairs, large tables or even Renaissance furniture. Chair covers and sashes are also available, as well as other items to make it shine.


Lighting is essential to get noticed. Whether you want directional lights or want to keep everything brightly lit at night so that people can see each other, you’ll find what you need. Coloured lights work well, as well as disco balls in white or multiple colours. Water-wave lights are exciting and can make it look like the walls are sparkling. Other options can include flood lights, mini lights, and more.

Pool Covers

If you have a pool but don’t want to use it for the event, you may consider covering it up to add class and excitement. You can then use the pool as a dance floor or stage, or you can use the pool as the main event, placing marquees over the top.


If you want unique, inflatables are the way to go. Everyone remembers them, and they aren’t just for children anymore. You can have igloos or domes, spheres and cones. Whether you want people to enter the inflatable for the party or want inflatables placed all around the area, you’ll find what you need.

If you want to make your party unique, you should consider party hire experts. Harts offers many of the most popular services so that your event is fun and exciting, so visit them today.


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