Make Your Brand Pop with the Help of a Digital Photo Booth

We live in a time and society where images are everywhere. We have Snapchat, GIFs, Instagram, and more. That makes it no surprise that photo booths in New York are becoming commonplace. As a company, finding the right way to use this popularity to market your brand might seem challenging. However, it can be done and it can be powerful marketing. We’ll talk about some ways to use photo booths to build engagement online and off.

Event Engagement Potential

Nobody wants to show up at a corporate event only to end up sitting around bored. You don’t want your guests to feel that way, either. So how can you improve mental engagement at your next event? Rent a photo booth for attendees to take part in. A social photo booth is somewhere people can get a new profile photo for their favorite social media site. While they’re in line or at the camera, people will chat and get to know each other. It’s a fantastic way to improve engagement among those at your next event.

Excellent Branding Opportunity

Want everyone to know the name of your brand? When you have photo booths in New York at your event, you’re going to see those photos going up on every major social media website. That means people who haven’t heard of you are going to get their first glimpse and it’s going to be a positive one. People who have stopped by the act as marketers for you, especially if you have your logo plastered on their smile.

Sales through Social Awareness

When someone sees your product recommended online by someone they follow, they are nearly 90% more likely to purchase their own. That means that getting your name out there is crucial. One of the best modes of doing this organically is through a photo booth. Authentic representation of your brand is more powerful than any other advertisement. Every time someone shares or retweets an image from an event you host, the better chance you have of reaching a new client.

A photo booth is an excellent way to bring attention to your brand and show potential customers that you have something they want. With the help of Photo Booth Rental by ISH Events, you can take advantage of that knowledge. Visit our website at to reserve a booth for your next event. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!


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