Make Construction Easy With Interlocking Lead Bricks

In any type of situation where high levels of radiation are present, the use of lead bricks is more effective and provides a lower cost option for lining rooms or creating vaults or caves. Typically, lead-lined rooms are required for the operation of x-ray and treatment rooms where specialized types of imaging equipment are in use.

Lead caves or vaults, or larger lead-lined rooms can be used to store radioactive materials in many types of industries and production facilities. It is also important to use these types of materials to protect sensitive equipment that may need to be used around the radioactive material.

The Challenges with Standard Lead Bricks

Standard lead bricks can be used for walls, barriers and other types of simple structures. They are easy to work with and can be an ideal solution if the radiation protection is temporary. Handling of the lead bricks is easier if the bricks are painted or powder coated to prevent concerns with lead dust.

The challenge with standard flat lead bricks is the inability to lock the bricks in place or to create more than a basic shape. Using interlocking lead bricks if often a superior option in these applications and provides more complete radiation protection by eliminating gaps and voids in the design.

The Solution with Interlocking Bricks

The choice of interlocking lead bricks means the tongue and groove system can be used to create more precise and completely protected or protective caves, areas, and barriers. With the overlap of the tongue and groove in the interlocking lead brick design, there are no gaps between the bricks, adding to the effectiveness of the radiation containment or blockage.

There are manufacturers offering bricks that interlock on all sides, allowing for even more flexibility in the design for a lead cave or vault.


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