Machining Plastic Parts in Minneapolis Isn’t Easy

Not long ago, plastics were injection molded or cast, and there was little thought about machining. After all, machining was for hard materials like metals and plastics expanded, melted, cracked, or split easily during the process of machining. However, thanks to improvements in modern plastics and machine shop technology, machining plastic parts in Minneapolis is possible, but it’s still not an easy process. It takes an experienced company with the right knowledge and equipment. Here is how a plastics machine shop creates high-quality parts for your business.

The Trouble with Plastic

If plastic machining were so easy, all the shops would offer these services. However, even modern plastics can break while turning or milling. The process can create long chips that build up and interfere with machining. This makes controlling chip production, the most important factor to consider when machining plastic parts for your Minneapolis business.


Some tools have to be modified to make sure chip production is limited. Also, today’s machine shop has to use the sharpest possible tools like tungsten carbide, and this costs more than high-speed steel tools. The process of sharpening very hard tools is more expensive also. Even the hardest of tools must be kept sharp, and this is a constant concern.


When machining plastic parts in Minneapolis, coolant is important. It’s vital to keep cuttings and chips flushed away from the work piece, and this can take more coolant than other machining processes.

Using the right coolant is very important. For example, oil based products can cause residue buildup, so water-based coolant is usually preferred. It sometimes takes a different kind of coolant delivery system to make sure you get the highest quality from plastic machining.


Nothing can replace experience when it comes to plastic machining. Some processes are perfected by trial and error and years of practice.


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