Lowering Costs By Using A Metal Stamping Service

There are many different ways to produce parts from metal. Machining is a common option, but this can be costly and produces a lot of waste material. Welding and forming can also be used, but they often require additional processes, hardening, and stress relieving of metal which can also add to the costs and the time of production.

A less costly and more efficient option to manufacture simple to complex parts can be offered through a metal stamping service. While not a new technology, the need for Original Equipment Manufacturers to find the lowest possible manufacturing process for parts without sacrificing quality control and tolerances has created more of a market for metal stamping.

To understand the benefits of choosing an experienced, established metal stamping service, consider the following factors for both small and large volume orders.

Limited Setup Required

With any metal stamping service, the use of existing dies allows for quick setup of equipment to begin production of parts. Even when a custom die is required, the use of technology makes this a relatively fast process, allowing for short setup time requirements and faster production.

Automated Manufacturing

Unlike machining where parts have to be moved between equipment, the metal stamping processes use continuous feed through the different stations on the equipment. There is no downtime for the machine, which means constant production and a lower cost per unit with higher volume.

Complex Shapes

With the use of metal stamping, even complex shapes can be made on the same tool. This occurs through the use of progressive die which forms the metal through a natural progression.

With the benefits of avoiding the use of heat, eliminating waste and completing complex shapes on a single tool, metal stamping provides the cost savings many OEMs are seeking.

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