Lower Repair Costs: The Best Times to Call a Roofer Near Oswego

No one wants to pay for more roof repairs than necessary. That’s why it pays to know when to call for repairs. Check out these tips for hiring a roofer near Oswego.

Hire a Roofer for an Inspection

One might ask, Why would I hire a roofer for an inspection to save money? Doesn’t that cost more money?

Yes, roof inspections cost money, but they save money too. During a roof inspection, roofers might notice small issues like a missing piece of flashing that can be corrected for little out-of-pocket cost before the problem escalates. People save more money when they make small repairs.

Skip Emergency Service Calls

Sometimes, one has no choice but to call for emergency roof repairs. If a tree limb falls on the house, one’s choices are limited. However, if the roof repair is something minor, schedule roofing services for normal business hours.

Now, some roofing companies don’t charge extra fees for after-hours service calls. People who can’t take off in the middle of the day to be home for roof repair should look for companies who have the same rates 24/7.

Schedule Roof Replacement During the Off-season

Roofing companies tend to get busy in the spring and summer, but business slows down during the colder months. Homeowners thinking about roof replacement might get a better deal scheduling the replacement during the off-season.

Have questions about roof repair or replacement? Want to speak with a roofer near Oswego? Go online to and learn more about Showalter Roofing Services.


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