Low Profile Socket Sets are Perfect for Tight Spaces

Low profile socket sets are made to be used in very tight places. This is usually on a wall, in the ceiling, or in areas will a low clearance. The bases for the lights are connected to the electricity through the socket.

These socket sets are perfect for low clearance areas because they do not stick out much which reduces the chance of them getting hit or broken.

Most low profile socket sets are great for outdoor use or for use in non-hazardous areas. The lights are durable and are tightly closed. This prevents inclement weather from destroying the lights. You do not have to worry about high humidity, dirt or even fine dust particles impacting the lights.

Many low profile socket sets can also be used in cold weather areas. Some can take temperatures as low as -18 degrees Fahrenheit without disrupting light performance or output. Be sure to read the manufacturers recommendation to ensure the low profile socket set you purchase is rated for cold weather.

Many people install these durable lights in industrial areas in shops, refineries, production plants, chemical plants, and many other industrial locations. However, they can also be installed in homes or personal garages or backyard shops.

These compact and durable lights are energy efficient. The fluorescent bulbs used in these lights last a long time. Much longer than standard incandescent bulbs. In addition, these lights do not put out the massive amount of heat as an incandescent bulb.

Some fluorescent sets have an “instant on” feature which requires no waiting time for the light to build up to its maximum brightness. They automatically light up to full power.

The low profile light sets are available in different lamp wattages such as 660W, 120W, and more.

Fluorescent lights are very popular and have a lot of different uses and are available in different shapes and sizes.


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