Low-Cost Display Options Using Panel-Clips

Aluminum panel-clips, which may also be called Z clips, panel hangers, or Z-bars make a simple and low-cost option for any retail store to add to their storage and display areas. These easy to find and very easy to install components make a discrete and solid attachment for shelving, signs, displays or any other type of display option you may have.

Another important consideration for retail outlets, or any commercial property, is the use of panel-clips to secure even larger items such as shelving units or cabinets to a wall. This creates a tip-over proof attachment that is strong enough to secure even these heavy items to a wall to prevent issues with the furniture items falling should someone stand on or lean over on the items.

Simple Installation

One of the most important benefits or advantages to using panel-clips in retail outlets is that they can be easily installed by any contractor, carpenter or even someone with just basic construction experience.

The Z clip screws into the wall with pre-set holes, or holes can be easily drilled into the aluminum in the necessary locations. By fastening into wall studs, the bracket or the clip is held in place and can hold a lot of weight without pulling or moving.

Then, a corresponding panel-clips is also mounted to the back side of the display component, creating an interlocking surface that holds the two sections together. Removal is simple and just involves lifting up and sliding the top section of the z-clip from the wall clip, allowing easy changing of artwork, signs, or larger display components.

The only important factors to keep in mind is to ensure both sides of the z-clip are installed level and that there is a suitable length of z-clip used on both the wall and the display component to ensure it is safely secured to the wall based on its size and weight.

Out of Sight

The very nature of panel-clips means that they are fully covered from view by the component they are holding to the wall. There is also no need for wires, strings or other types of attachment options that can wear or break, causing liability issues.

For larger types of display items such as panels that may have hooks, brackets or shelving, using the panel-clips to attach the panels to the current wall is a great option. This saves having to make permanent and costly modifications to the walls and allows easy customization of display space and wall usage to match any seasonal needs or other design requirements.

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