Looking for Field Maintenance Equipment? 1st Products Can Help!

The right field maintenance equipment can be hard to find. While looking for this kind of equipment, you want to keep in mind those who are leaders in the field maintenance equipment industry. 1st Products is one of the leading makers of this equipment in t. Since 1980, they have been leaders in the turf maintenance industry. Check out some of their great products today!

5 Tips for Field Maintenance!

  • Keep records. By staying organized, you’ll be better able to maintain your fields. It can help you improve efficiency and optimize how you maintain your fields for better results. Use a calendar to keep track, keep a log, and make sure to keep track of how often pesticides and fertilizers are used.
  • Master good raking techniques. Regularly dragging the field will keep it in its best condition. By raking your fields you’ll be better able to upkeep the fields. With 1st Products equipment and add-ons, like nail rakers, you’ll be on top of the game!
    Use various drag types. To get these results, you’ll need to regularly drag your fields. There are many add-on rakes that can help you achieve the results you want!
  • Fill holes using water. The equipment sold at 1st Products can help you fill up those pesky holes in your field. By contacting a representative today, you’ll be set up with what is right for you!
  • Walk your field daily, if possible. You should always walk your fields to better identify problems that can be fixed. It will also help you to see ways that you can optimize your field maintenance.

Affordable, easy to use, equipment to help you become your best!
The AGRI-Vator is the product you need to help maintain your fields! This product is perfect for renovating sod and turf farms! This equipment can help you aerate and relieve compaction in pastures and hay fields. The AGRI-Vator breaks up the soil without destroying turf on the surface. This product comes in three different sizes: 6, 8, or 12-foot widths. With seeder options, this product is sure to be the most helpful equipment in your possession. There are many available options including:

  • Sizing options
    • 6, 8, 12 feet
  • Seeder options
    • 6, 8, or 12-foot AGRI-Vator Seeder
  • Roller Options
    • 6, 8, or 12-foot AGRI-Vator Cleated roller

Give your nearest representative a call today, to get you set up with the best field maintenance equipment options on the market.


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