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by | Jan 2, 2018 | Flooring


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When a home is in good condition but its floors look old and dirty, new flooring is in order. Flooring Solutions in Longmont CO can be found at companies such as Aesthetic Flooring & Hard-Surfaces, Inc. It is important to consider the room use and the level of traffic in each room, before deciding on a new flooring. Rooms with water and moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms need water-resistant flooring with few if any seams. Living rooms and bedrooms may call for the soft comfort of carpeting.

Choosing The Flooring

Carefully consider the flooring for each room. High traffic areas need more durable flooring choices such as wood, vinyl, ceramic, or stone. Rooms with water and moisture are better with water-resistant floors such as vinyl, ceramic, or stone. Bamboo floors can give a look and feel of wood in these rooms since it is water resistant. Bedrooms and living rooms may call for softer warmer flooring choices such as carpet or wood with area rugs. The homeowner may be limited by budget considerations.

Some flooring choices cost less and are less expensive to install. These can include carpet, vinyl, and laminate wood flooring. These floor choices look great when they are new, but can wear out sooner than the more expensive flooring choices.

Floor Prep And Flooring Installation

All flooring choices depend on proper floor preparation and installation practices to do their best and look their best. Carpet must be laid over the pad and be stretched over tack strip. There may be seams connecting stips of carpet into a solid layer. Wood flooring is installed in planks with staggered ends. If the wood is carelessly trimmed it will not look good. Most homes have a variety of flooring choices that meet at doorways. These areas need transition strips to look their best.

Ceramic tile, stone, and vinyl are all floor materials that must be carefully installed on well-prepared subfloors. Hiring a high-quality, dependable flooring company is the answer to having a home full of attractive, long-lasting flooring. When floors are all installed, the homeowner must properly maintain them to keep them looking good and lasting longer. Go to Website for more information about Flooring Solutions in Longmont CO. You can connect with them on Google+ for more updates!

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