Look For Dare Care in East Rockaway With Enrichment Programs

As your child continues to grow, it is important that their day be filled with fun and enriching activities that help their mind and bodies grow and expand. When searching for pre-school and pre-k day care in East Rockaway, look for day cares that offer additional enrichment programs for your child to enjoy. Here are a few enrichment activities you should ask about when searching for day care in East Rockaway.


It is easiest to learn a second language when you are young. Children can quickly pick up on a second language. Learning a second language will open your child up to more opportunities as they grow. Daily exposure to a second language through an enrichment program at your child’s daycare will help your child quickly develop second language skills.

Sign Language

Just like children can easily pick up oral second languages like Spanish, young children can also quickly pick up th intricacies of sign language. Even infants who are not yet able to talk can learn and use basic sign language to communicate their needs. An excellent day care in East Rockaway program will introduce children to sign language as infants. By the time your child reaches pre-k, they may already be fluent in a second language.


Yoga for children can be very fun and involved. A great yoga teacher can take children on adventures through yoga, while also exercising your child’s body and mind. It is never too early to start a healthy lifestyle!


Zumba is a fun way for your child to exercise. Zumba incorporates music with dance moves to get your child moving. It is a great way to expose your child to new music and increase their gross motor skills.


Young children love rhythms, beats and sounds. Most childcare centers incorporate songs throughout the day to teach concepts such as weather, days of the week, colors and shapes. Remember to ask if the day care in East Rockaway you are check out how they incorporate music into their curriculum. Young children also enjoy creating music. An exceptional childcare program will also allow children to interact with musical instruments. It is never to early to introduce your child to music.

When searching for childcare for your child, remember to ask about the different enrichment activities that the center offers. Even if your child is young, as they grow they can take advantage of these enrichment opportunities.



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