Long Haul Trucking Jobs Provide a Unique Opportunity

You want to see the lower 48, but you need to have a job. We get it. Or you’ve got the family all over the country that you’d like to visit, but there are still bills that need to be paid. We’ve got you covered. With Long Haul Trucking Jobs, you can travel the roads and work for a company that cares about you.

On the Road… and Off
Life on the road isn’t easy. When you’re driving for hundreds or thousands of miles, you need to have comfort that the company you work for is committed to your safety, willing to pay you generously and not just fairly, and respects your time off so that when you’re at home, you’re truly at home.

Safety Considerations
When you are considering what company to work for in long haul trucking jobs, you should ask what type of track record they have for safety. Consider if they are willing to make a public declaration of their commitment to keeping drivers safe and not only ensuring on-time deliveries. What type of fleet maintenance programs do they use and are they up to date on sensor systems and other preventative, mechanical tools? What kind of driver training opportunities do they offer? Are there built in rewards for safe driving records?

Compensation and Benefits
When considering long haul trucking jobs, of course, the compensation and benefits available have to be evaluated as well. Does the company you are looking at offer a signing bonus? How about tuition reimbursement? Do they pay on a short mile (HHG) basis or on a higher paying Practical Miles plan? If you are an experienced driver, does that translate into higher pay? And if you are new to driving, how long will you have to wait before becoming eligible for pay increases? Are there additional opportunities to increase your pay with add-on jobs? Do they offer health and other insurance plans?

Putting it all Together
Once you have a complete understanding of both the costs and benefits available with long haul trucking jobs, you will be in a position to determine both if the job is right for you and what company you should join.

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