Local Search Marketing – Great Opportunity to Dominate Local Markets

The world is becoming more digitally enhanced by the day and this provides business owners with a great deal of opportunity to target their specific audience. Approximately half of all marketing is now done through the Internet and according to Search Engine Watch, approximately 56 percent of people use the local web search feature as a shopping tool, therefore there really is no better time to get noticed above competitors than with local search marketing. This type of marketing is slightly different to normal internet marketing in the sense that your efforts will be directed at people in certain locations.

The Basics of Local Search Marketing

Unlike typical SEO strategies that involve implementing keywords and creating quality content to rank highly on search engines for particular words and phrases, local search marketing uses a more specific approach. Your target audience will be people within a smaller search radius and this type of marketing will offer desirable results if you own a brick and mortar business in a town or city. Typical activities will include submitting keyword-rich content to local listings, checking out business directories and getting listed on review sites, such as Zagat and Yelp. Highly cost effective, local search marketing will enable you to dominate the search page in your area.

Optimising Your Website

Before you can start reaping the rewards of local SEO, you will need to tap into a number of tried-and-tested marketing strategies. These include creating geo-specific information and carefully submitting it on your site or blog, writing keyword-friendly meta descriptions and titles, featuring the company phone number and address on each page, etc. To ensure your location-specific pages are optimised for your region, embed a map and use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Monitoring Your Results

The key to succeeding in your SEO efforts is to constantly monitor what is happening both online and offline. If local search marketing is working, you will receive direct traffic, referral traffic and direct navigation, such as email links and bookmarks. Pay attention to any drops in website traffic, so that you can determine whether your local search strategies need tweaking. If the conversion rate is high based on geo-focused search queries and terms or phrases, it will be clear that your efforts are paying off. Even pages that receive just one hit from the search engines should be monitored, so that growth and increased web visibility isn’t overlooked.

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