Life Church Life Groups Offer Intimate Reflections Outside The Sunday Morning Sermon

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Church


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Church is never solely about the Sunday morning and afternoon hours in the church. There is a strong spirit and energy that can often not be replicated without that togetherness every week. But, the church is more. God is more. The major attraction and beauty often come from the social interaction that a church sermon rarely provides aside from the occasional handshake shared with a new stranger. Life Church Life Groups, offer an enhanced form of social interaction and communication. It is more than a bunch of church attendees staring straight and sporadically singing along. It is more than a handshake. Life Church Life Groups are filled with rich conversations that enrich life, all through the spirit and empowerment of God’s word.

The social aspect is potentially the most energetic and important part of church life groups. Learn more by visiting the church website at There is also a sense of sharing in knowledge and experience that becomes an invaluable part of church life groups. In a typical church setting, the pastor shares his or her thoughts on the word of the Bible. The pastor will share their personal experiences, and filter a message through what the Lord has stated.

An assured sense of confidence will often carry every line, and that is significant and powerful. But, the words of friends can often be just as valuable. The lines are not always carefully chosen, and the words do not hold that immediate authority that is unshared by anyone, not a pastor. But, their words matter. That is what one receives at a life group. They obtain an unfiltered and powerful conversation with someone who may not be a professional speaker, but who has a voice that deserves to be heard. These stories and messages are often just as personal, and maybe even more so, because they are immediately relatable. They are not relayed from the church “stage.” They are spoken feet away.

The best churches carry incredible church groups that drive home intimate messages about God and spirituality. Not all messages are heard on Sunday. God carries his word in all sorts of ways. You can like them on Facebook.

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