Leverage Your Purchasing Power with wholesale fashion handbags

Two main advantages to buying wholesale fashion handbags are immediate availability and significant cost savings. Buying in bulk is one of the best ways for any company to save money on their inventory costs, and timing the buy to when there is an abundance of items can lead to even greater savings. Generally speaking, it is only businesses with a limited amount of storage space who choose not to buy in bulk.

Bigger Order, Smaller PPU

Buying in bulk and receiving a discount is a concept that most businesses are quite familiar with as part of their business plan. However, some business owners remain unaware that many of their suppliers will increase the size of the discount along with the increase in number of products purchased. This floating discount can lead to significant savings if you are able to carry the cost until you can sell your inventory. They are normally able offer this benefit to their customers because they are saving overhead costs by getting rid of inventory before it expires and spoils. Larger quantity sales also require fewer packing materials and less physical handling. Some companies will allow you to combine your order and still receive the highest discount possible. For example, you may be able to buy several different lines of wholesale fashion handbags under the same inventory umbrella.

Benefits for Seasonal Merchandise

Another advantage to purchasing items wholesale is that you are given the opportunity to buy items which are at a certain price, or are only available right then. For example, many types of vegetables and fruits are available only during a portion of the growing season. If they can be frozen with no loss of quality, then you can take advantage of the wholesale benefit. Clothing and many types of home items are also good to purchase in bulk when their prices have fallen to the lowest point. You can purchase flip flops in the winter, or skates in the summer, and resell them during the proper season at a high profit margin. Of course, for this to work effectively you must have the storage space available.

The Winds of Change

Trends in the fashion industry are constantly changing, and they are extremely hard to predict. What flew off your shelves at the speed of light just last month may very well now be gathering dust. When it comes to purses and bags, the tastes of individual women are so varied that it is essential to have an immense inventory for them to browse through. Since the majority of women have several different purses for various purposes, it is convenient if they can find replacements all in one place. This makes buying wholesale fashion handbags an attractive and money-saving option for a large number of store owners.


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