Legal Software Programs: Software Integration is the Future

Some busy law offices are more efficiently managed than others. While competent managers with good organizational skills can take credit, using multifaceted and specialized legal software programs provides additional advantages which boost productivity and efficiency. Not all legal software programs are created equally and there are specific elements which make some superior than others. Comparing the features can help you select the best legal software programs to meet the needs of your firm or practice.

Advantages of Online vs. Installed Programs

Installed versions of legal software programs are just as useful as the online versions, with the exception of accessibility. Busy lawyers and paralegals run into situations in which there is a need to access data, yet there isn’t always enough time to make a trip to the office where it is stored. This problem is solved when the programs are stored in an online environment with easy access from virtually any location with internet access.

Integration of Program Modules

The speed and ease of accessing information for completing tasks such as billing, scheduling, follow-up calls and other items are enhanced by the integration of all associated applications. This helps to streamline the time involved in multitasking functions. For example, client matters and calendars can easily be pulled up to gather information relevant to billing to ensure inclusion of all billable items. Retainer accounts can be programmed to provide alerts when balances are becoming low and reminders for project deadline alerts can help in organizing time allocation and prioritization. Programs which do not include an integrated design present a greater challenge in correlating relevant information from different areas and are not as efficient as those which do.

Intuitive Software and Program Design

Legal software programs are designed specifically for the processes and procedures which are common in any legal practice. When combined with an integrated approach, intuitive software has the capacity for combining relevant information together, which brings a faster and easier way to utilize it to your fingertips. More generic software tends to fall short in their features with a lack of responsiveness to increasingly popular integrated programming.

Implementing the Best Legal Software Programs and Solutions

Comprehensive software programs which deliver all of the essential solutions that today’s lawyers need, with the added value of integration and intuitive design, are the most practical course of action for most small to medium sized law firms. Few companies provide this set of all-in-one essential features and capabilities, but for the most comprehensive package in legal software program solutions.


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