Learn More About Cardiac PET Imaging in California by Cardiac Imaging Inc.

Few diagnostic tools can be as helpful as cardiac PET imaging in California when it comes to determining whether your patients have a number of cardiovascular ailments. However, traditional fixed-site PET imaging systems require a substantial investment in time and money, with a substantial price tag and hours needed to properly train staff.

Luckily, there is a solution. Mobile PET imaging services provided by Cardiac Imaging, Inc., offer a way to provide your practice with some of the most advanced nuclear imaging capabilities known to modern medicine.

Cardiac PET Imaging in California

For more than two decades, Cardiac Imaging, Inc., has been dedicated to providing practitioners throughout California with the absolute latest in imaging technology. With PET MPI maintaining its spot as the gold standard in detecting heart disease, it is all the more imperative that a wider range of providers have access to it.

By operating a mobile solution, Cardiac Imaging, Inc., brings those capabilities to more providers, providing more patients with the information that they need to make the best possible decisions for their health and happiness. And no one does it better than Cardiac Imaging, Inc., the only firm in the company that provides nationwide mobile PET imaging capabilities alongside Rb-82 PET MPI exams.

Learn More About Cardiac Imaging, Inc.

If you think that your medical practice could benefit from partnering with Cardiac Imaging, Inc., contact them today. They are committed to providing turn-key nuclear imaging solutions to providers of all sizes throughout California. Don’t just search for “Cardiac PET Imaging California” when searching for a provider – go to a name you can trust.


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