Latest Technology in Non-Invasive Skin Care Treatment

Is your skin starting to sag with age? If so, this is normal, because skin begins to lose its elasticity as you get older, making it more difficult to maintain a youthful appearance. Don’t fret too much about those crow’s feet and wrinkles around the mouth though – there is a solution! Non-invasive skin care treatment is growing in popularity and thanks to advancements in technology, patients can now enjoy virtually pain-free treatments with brilliant results. If you are interested in going down the non-surgical route, it is important that you contact a reputable skincare specialist who knows what he or she is doing. Take the following advice on board if you are unsure whether the latest technology would suit you, how it works, etc.

What Makes Someone a Good Candidate?

The most common reason why people visit a skincare expert for non-invasive skin care treatment is because they have mild or moderately loose skin. This skin could be on their face, neck, arms, stomach – pretty much anywhere on the body. A good candidate will be willing to have multiple treatments completed for the best results. Someone receiving cosmetic treatment of this kind might also have some skin laxity issues following a surgical procedure or operation, proving this treatment to be fairly diverse and suitable for patients with a range of skin problems.

What Are the Available Options?

Before you start getting excited about particular non-invasive skin care treatment options, you should know that the cosmetic professional will first assess your skin’s condition and use this analysis to determine what option is best for you personally. Collagen production can be stimulated with radio frequency energy, whereas the use of intended pulsed light (IPL) will work better for the penetration of the deep dermis. Another option you might be presented with is ultrasound, which won’t damage the skin, despite the procedure being very intricate.

How is the Procedure Performed?

When you first arrive at the skin care specialist’s clinic, he or she will sit down and put your mind at ease by talking with you about the procedure. You may be offered a drink of water, tea or coffee, while you wait for the areas of skin that require treatment to be marked with pen. The skin will likely be cooled and cleaned, before the outer skin layer is targeted with thermal bursts of ultrasound, light pulsations or rays of radio frequency energy, depending on the chosen technique.

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