Know Your Rights! Lemon Law for Used Cars

The lemon law for used cars can be the protection you need to get out from under a used car purchase. There is an old story that explains the difference between two cars coming off the same assembly line “there is a Monday morning car and a Friday afternoon car, the Monday morning car is produced by workers that are tired from the weekend, they are not that enthusiastic about being at work, on Friday afternoon everyone is in a much better mood, they get paid, the weekend is coming, you are far more likely to get a better-quality vehicle from the Friday afternoon crew”. The fact is some cars are just “bad” from the time they leave the assembly line.  If you got stuck with a Monday morning vehicle that you bought used, you may still have protections. There are lemon laws for used cars!

Know Your Rights!

Far too many people just accept the idea that because they bought used they do not have any protection. The fact is there are cases where buying used does have protection that you can take advantage of. The best thing you can do to protect your rights is to:

   *   Always keep good records
   *   Act quickly
   *   Get a good attorney on your side

Keep all invoices, correspondence, records of repairs, recall information and manufacturer warranty information to ensure that you have the evidence that you need to present your case. You do have to act quickly to take advantage of any protections, do not delay in speaking to an attorney.

Call a Lawyer

If you got stuck with a “Monday morning car” and you need more information about whether your situation is covered under the lemon laws, contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® for a case review and to learn more!

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