Keeping Your Home Dry with Simple but Effective French Drains in Natick, MA

If a homeowner is having difficulty with channeling water away from their home, especially during rainier times of the year, one way to effectively promote the moving of water away from the home is with french drains in Natick MA. This type of drain has been used for many years to effectively redirect water, whether it’s a small amount or a significant amount of water, like what might be experienced during periods of prolonged and heavy rain.

What is a French Drain

French drains are basic drain tubes, but rather than being solid, they are typically perforated on the top. This allows water to drain into the pipe rather than being channeled through a central drain pipe opening. This is quite effective when a homeowner wants to channel water away from their home, but they don’t want a problematic drain grate that can get clogged up with debris. In addition, a French drain can also add to the aesthetics of a home landscape.

How are these Drains Installed

Typically, these drains are installed by digging a trench. Once the trench is complete, the flexible or PVC drain pipe with perforations on the top is laid into the ground and is directed to where the home owner wants the water to be channeled to. Once this is done, large stones or gravel are placed over the drain. What this does is it helps filter any debris, keeping it from getting clogged up in the drain pipe itself while still allowing water to flow into the drain to be redirected.

When Professional Help is Needed

For small applications, French Drains in Natick MA can be installed by the home owner. However, for larger applications, it’s typically best to contact a waterproofing company. These companies have the resources and the experience to know how significant of a drain the home property needs and how to accurately place the drain so that it’s effectiveness is maximized.

If you’re having problems with a wet basement or you’re having problems with the home flooding during heavy periods of rain, it may have little to do with how much rain is falling and more to do with how the water is channeled away from the home. Fortunately, French drains can solve this problem rather easily. To learn more about this drain or other types of waterproofing services, you may want to browse our website.


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