Keeping You Connected to Home with Our Security Systems in Sedalia

Nowadays, nearly everything can be accessed remotely by a smartphone or tablet, so we decided to create a security system that you could monitor and access no matter where you are. Security Systems give you the peace of mind that someone will come to the rescue if anything should happen to your home.

Security Systems with All the Bells and Whistles

Our security systems are more than just an alarm to notify you when there’s a break-in at your home. We’ve added a suite of features including security cameras to place throughout your home or business, sensors that detect when windows and doors open, and even home fire protection that detects heat and smoke in your home. We also provide customers with the option to add a panic button that will immediately alert the fire department or police, depending on the situation at hand.

Impressive App Features

What good is a comprehensive security system if you have no idea what’s going on while you’re away from home? We’ve created an app that seamlessly integrates with home or office security system so that you can manage alarm codes, view feeds from your security camera, and report a false alarm if a sensor was activated accidentally. We can also use the app to reach out to you when our response team is alerted to an activated alarm on your property.

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