Keeping People Safe When Waiting For Window Glass Repair in Colorado Springs

When an office building has an incident occur where a window breaks, it is likely a service that provides Window Glass Repair in Colorado Springs will be called to assess the damage. It is important to keep people safe when waiting for the business to arrive at the building to take a look at the damage. Here are some steps that should be taken to ensure no one becomes injured by the broken glass.

Remove Shards From The Area

All shards of glass that are present near the window should be removed from the building in their entirety. This can be conducted by someone who is wearing thick gloves so their hands are protected when picking up the slivers from the area. This person should take a look at the ground outdoors to remove the glass from this vicinity if necessary as well. The glass can then be disposed of in a recycling container.

Cover The Window Pane

The pane of glass that was affected should be covered with a piece of cardboard or plywood on each side of the pane. These materials can be secured using pieces of duct tape or they can be nailed into the frame of the window if it is made of wood. This will keep employees from becoming hurt should more glass fall from the window.

Place Signs Near The Damage

Signs should be placed near the window to alert those in the building that there was a situation where repair is necessary. Yellow tape can be hung over the window to show employees exactly which window has been broken. It is a good idea to block the area around the window with chairs or tables so people do not get too close to the pane of glass as well.

When there is a need to hire a company that provides Window Glass Repair in Colorado Springs, finding one known for their prompt service and competitive pricing is preferred. Check out a website like Website Domain to find out more about the services this company provides. An appointment can then be made to have the window repaired or replaced.

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