Keeping a Home Cool and Comfortable Using Residential Air Conditioner Contractors in Greeley, CO

Air conditioners have become one of those appliances most homes require. One reason for this is that a higher level of insulation can make the building feel stuffy. There are several methods of cooling a home, but the most popular are the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. The HVAC uses two cabinets to house the device because part of the system needs to be placed inside the home while another must be located outside. Some Residential Air Conditioner Contractors in Greeley CO place the air exchanger in the attic to reduce the number of air ducts, but a basement will work just as well. In fact, placing the air handler in the attic could result in a loss of efficiency if space is not well insulated and properly vented.

Air conditioners are heat pumps. This means they move heat from one area to another. Systems like the HVAC take a chemical refrigerant and compress it, so it changes state. One effect this has is lowering the temperature of the refrigerant. The cold refrigerant is then passed through the evaporator coil, located in the air handler, where it draws heat from the environment. Air is then forced past the coil where it gets chilled and cools the home. However, this system has a minor flaw because the AC generates condensation as a side effect of the cooling process. This moisture will mix with any dust in the appliance and, eventually, block the coil. Small blockages around the coil can cause freezing. This affects the efficiency of the appliance, but excessive freezing can rupture the coil. A damaged coil will require the help of Residential Air Conditioner Contractors in Greeley CO because it will need to be replaced.

HVAC systems can be expensive purchases, and the best way to get the most out of these appliances is with annual maintenance. Because the system provides both hot and cold air, it is necessary to have it serviced twice a year. Most manufacturers recommend a furnace be serviced in the late fall or early winter before it is fired up for the season. The AC aspect of the HVAC should be serviced at the end of winter or in the early spring before it is put under a heavy load. Learn more about comfort systems from the experts at Poudre Valley Air.

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