Keep Them Running with Wicketer Machine Parts

Could you imagine shopping without any bags? Whether it’s plastic, cloth, or other recycled material, bags are a necessity in a consumer-driven market. It’s an easy enough concept, but producing bags require a complicated confab of equipment called wicketer or bagging machine. There are many component parts that make this machine run, which makes for a manufacturing marvel responsible for converting a wide array of raw materials into bags.

Making Bags
Bags come in all shapes and sizes, and a wicketer machine will make them to any size and specification. Bag making is not new, but these modern machine will cut and fold materials into a desired shape and seal on any side. The machine will also generate customized branding as well. The list of customizable items can make for a unique product and includes:

  • Punch out for handles
  • Closure seals on all different sides
  • Glued on handles
  • Zippers, ties or drawstrings

An Array of Machine Parts

This complex series of equipment requires hundreds of parts. The main drive will include a timing belt, gears, pulleys, bushings, and screws. The sealing roll assembly contains a combination of gears, bearings, spacers, lock washers and the actual roll. Other wicketer machine parts will be universal, but just as many will require specific component parts for an individual manufacturer’s model. Thanks to OEM parts, machinists can use other equipment model manufactured components on different models. That’s great news if you are searching for machine parts.

Although the equipment is an expensive investment, many of the wicketer machine parts are very cheap to produce. Maintaining the company’s wicketer machine equipment will always be a cost-effective strategy to capitalize on the return on investment. Working with a company that produces machine parts for standard or not-so-standard models is your best option since you can reduce machine downtimes by identifying a vendor that meets your model’s specification requirements.

Many Industries Served
There are many industries that rely on wicketer equipment: the food service, healthcare, consumer goods, pharmacies, tourism, dry cleaners, etc… Whether the materials are plastic or recycled, bag production supports the U.S. economy. Keep your wicketer machines running by working with a professional wicketer parts supplier.

S.A.R.R. Industries is a supplier of wicketer machine parts for semi-automatic and automatic equipment. Whether working on a major machine model or on a smaller more unique piece of equipment, they provide the highest diversification of parts sold in the industry today. To keep your repair costs down, make sure to visit their website at URL.


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