Jarritos Distributors in Pennsylvania: Providing Restaurants With Genuine Mexican Soft Drinks

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Food and Drink


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The best Mexican food suppliers will not just provide fresh produce, high-quality cheeses and carefully prepared tortillas. They will also deliver what has become one of the most popular items to come across the border in decades, soft drinks. Many in the United States first became aware of the amazing flavor Mexican sodas have to offer when they sampled Mexican coke. This beverage is flavored south of the border with sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup, giving it a unique taste many preferred. However, it is not just cola that is available anymore, but a full range of sweet, flavorful soft drinks.

Jarritos Distributors in Pennsylvania are now able to supply their clients with the brand that is considered the official soft drink of Mexico. It has gained a huge following in the United States, making it an important item for any restaurant offering genuine Mexican cuisine to sell. An estimated 6000 bottles are imported into the U.S. every minute. The reason for the popularity is not just its high quality, a higher level of carbonation than sodas in the U.S. and natural sugar, but its unique variety of flavors.

Many in the U.S. are familiar with colas, lemon-lime flavors and even orange and root beer. However, Jarritos Distributors can deliver sodas that are flavored with hibiscus and tamarind. It is an exotic touch that lends credibility to the entire meal. It is also a fun extra that can make the experience more enjoyable for families too.

Jarritos distributors in Pennsylvania area can provide up to 11 different flavors of this popular beverage. There are those, like cola and strawberry that are not that unusual to the average American diner. Others like pineapple, watermelon and tutti-frutti will give people something new to discover.

When paired with a spicy meal, these sweet drinks are the perfect refreshing touch. Mexican foods and beverages are known for their intense flavor and Jarritos offers that exactly. Anyone who has relocated from Mexico to the northern United States may have been disappointed with their inability to find these sweet drinks. That disappointment can end now as even more people in the U.S. will now become familiar with this popular brand.

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