James Hardie Siding: A Colorful and Efficient Alternative

Tightline Exteriors uses 100% JamesHardie fiber cement products for siding installation and renovation. We know from experience that their products are of the highest quality and performance, and we make sure our craftsman are fully trained to expertly install them in your home. However, what differentiates James Hardie siding from their competitors? Here is a tour of what Tightline can offer you!

How is Fiber Cement Siding Quality and Usage for it?

Fiber cement siding is a composite siding made of cellulose, sand, and cement. The resulting material is heavy and dense while still being perfectly customizable. It can be used to imitate wooden siding and shingles or be installed in sheet form. It is not susceptible to typical problems for wooden siding like decay and termites, and has been carefully selected to be most resistant to local weather conditions. It is also non-flammable, providing your house with a strong line of defense against fires. Once your siding replacement is completed, fiber cement also requires very little maintenance.

What is the ColorPlus Technology and the Usage for it?

You can paint fiber cement siding, but like allw exterior paint, it will be susceptible to fading from UV ray exposure as well as regular wear and tear. However, there is a solution to getting longer lasting vibrant color for your exterior: JamesHardie ColorPlus Technology. Before installation, each piece of siding is given multiple coats of a special blend of paint. In-between each coat the pieces are cured and dried in a controlled environment, further strengthening the bond between paint and material. The resulting color is highly resistant to fading and physical damage, ensuring your siding replacement stays vivid for much longer. ColorPlus also comes with a 15-year warranty, covering the cost of paint and labor.

What is Low-E Housewrap and the Usage It?

A sturdy and bright new exterior to your house is not all that Tightline Exteriors can offer you: we can also improve the energy efficiency of your house! Many houses suffer from poor insulation, resulting in a loss of heat and cold through the walls, which in term drives up your energy bill with unnecessary expenditure. During a siding replacement, however, we can cover your house in Low-E Housewrap. This lightweight non-toxic housewrap protects against drafts and blocks over 90% of radiant heat. This helps to keep your house comfortable all year round, as well as keeping your energy bill low!


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