Items to Prepare for Dog Boarding in Chicago

Dogs can’t always go on vacation with the family. However, they can go on a separate vacation at a boarding facility. These are some of the things to do when planning a vacation for the family pet. Like planning a vacation, the time should be taken to make the appropriate arrangements for the dog.

Take time to call ahead for dog boarding in Chicago. Make sure that there are available room and space at the kennel to accommodate the dog. Reservations will ensure a spot is available. Make sure to leave a little flexibility in the schedule in case vacation plans change or delays happen in the pickup. If the family plans do change, make sure to keep the kennel updated. Any cancellations should be done as soon as possible.

Collect all of the proper paperwork for the vaccines. If missing paperwork, the vaccine information can be obtained from the vet. If the dog is behind, make sure to schedule an appointment ahead of the vacation time. This will be required by the kennel to prevent common diseases from spreading. If the dog looks sick or has a high anxiety level, make a vet appointment to get the problem checked out and treated as soon as possible. A call to the kennel can provide the information regarding the types of vaccines needed.

If there are any special requirements such as medicine that needs to be given, take a minute to write these things down for the dog boarding in Chicago. The instructions should be written or typed clearly enough to read. Keep the instructions very simple and review it with the technicians to add it to their notes. Since some dogs have special requirements, following a regular schedule of certain things can bring in a sense of familiarity which can be comforting to the dog.

Sometimes, it is necessary to plan a separate vacation for the family dog. Maximize the planning time by calling ahead, getting the paperwork together and writing down any special instructions. This will make sure the dog has a place to stay while the family is on vacation. Find more information about boarding by calling the kennel.


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