Issues Resulting From Sewage Damage Repair in Murrieta, CA

A breach of the sewer system results in some very unpleasant consequences. Corroding pipes, invasive tree roots, improper digging and flooding can lead to issues developing in the sewer system. In many cases, a breach in the piping will result in an emergency situation. These are some of the issues which can arise from allowing the damage to continue.

Harmful bacteria have a continual presence in the sewer system. Once a breach occurs, the harmful bacteria are released into areas accessible by the family. Exposure can lead to sickness for family members and pets. In addition to the Sewage Damage Repair in Murrieta CA, the house must be decontaminated in every area the sewage was found. Since cleaning up the bacteria can also lead to potential exposure, proper cleanup procedures must be followed to ensure that it doesn’t spread around the house.

Strong smells of human waste will accumulate in areas where leakage is occurring. This smell can get into the duct work and spread throughout the home. This can make it difficult to pinpoint an exact location. But until all of the sewage is cleaned up, the smell will continue to persist. Cover ups are only a temporary solution. It will continue to return or may grow stronger over time as the leakage continues.

Sewage is also associated with an excessive amount of water damage. The bacteria in the water can feed mold growth. This can spread rapidly if Sewage Damage Repair in Murrieta CA is not performed in a timely manner. Water will also cause extensive damage to wood which can weaken it. Wet wood will also attract insects which can lead to invasion. Water intrusion can also potentially damage concrete surfaces. If this happens in the basement area, the foundation can become compromised. This can result in very costly and extensive repairs.

Sewer damage can lead to all kinds of problems. Exposure to harmful bacteria, a strong stench and water damage are some of the most serious side effects of a sewage leakage. Contact Watergon the instant a breach in the sewer system is found. Repairs should be done as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

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