Is Your Cannabis Packaging Helping Or Hurting Sales?

Recent positive changes in the laws around the use of medical and recreational marijuana throughout the United States have resulted in a boom in the number of dispensaries and retail outlets across different states.

While each state has its own laws and regulations around the display, sale, and use of cannabis, the competition between retailers of both medical and recreational cannabis products has dramatically increased. This is a benefit for consumers, as they have the option to choose where to buy their cannabis and to have the greatest selection of product.

The Importance of Quality Cannabis Packaging

A very important part of attracting customers in any retail sector is to provide a quality shopping experience. In a dispensary or cannabis retail store, the display of the product is one of the most critical factors.

Storing cannabis in standard types of jars and containers offers limited benefits for consumers. The jars do not highlight the product, and they do not offer high levels of visibility of the product on the shelf.

Instead, using new options in LED lighting and customized jars and containers offers state-of-the-art cannabis packaging solutions. The jars attract the eye and highlight the flower characteristics, making it easy for customers to see the quality of the product. Additional magnification lenses built into the jars adds to the level of detail your customers can see without having to open the container.

In addition, the use of specialized display jars as the cannabis packaging option keeps the contents fresh, even with extended time on the shelf.

For more information on the state-of-the-art, LED options in cannabis packaging offered at Smokus Focus, visit us online. Details on all of our storage solutions can be found at


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