Is There Enough Stuff in the Unit to Justify Renters Insurance in Whitman MA?

For a college kid on a slim budget boarding in her empty dorm room, renter’s insurance is admittedly unnecessary. But, that is a very select group of people. Everyone else may be on the fringes or in need of a Renters Insurance in Whitman MA. It seems that the larger culture has designated renter’s insurance an unnecessary expense, but is that really the truth? Some may be quite surprised by what renters insurance covers, and how much it costs.

Renter’s insurance costs about as much as a tank of gas every month. It ranges depending on the location, but the insured should rarely expect to pay much more than $40 a month. That may be a lot for some people, but considering what Renters Insurance in Whitman MA includes, it could be a viable expense. The common myth that makes renter’s insurance a niche coverage is the belief that there isn’t enough stuff to make it worth it.

What are the costs of accumulating everything in the home back again? Well, one may look at the furniture- a sizable expense. They could look at any high-ticket items i.e. jewelry, paintings, and electronics. Appliances are typically factored into the cost if they are owned by the tenant. But, there are many other items in the house that are not typically calculated in a valuation. What about the kitchen? There are the stove and refrigerator, but that is not all. A home is filled with pots, pans, silverware, food, dishes, towels, coffee pot, microwave, and an assortment of other items. These get typically lost in a valuation because they do not cost much. When they are isolated, it comes to a few dollars. But cumulatively, these items add up to over a thousand dollars. That is a sizable expense when looking at building a life again from the ground up, especially considering the time it takes to find all these items again.

Of course, that is just in the kitchen. Every room is filled with many small items that seem ubiquitous on the surface. But, when calculating the tally, it adds up immensely. Visit for more on obtaining renter’s insurance.


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