Is There A Difference In SD WAN Providers?

In many aspects of SD WAN services, all companies offering this technology and these products will over comparable services, much the same way that all telecommunication carriers offer the same basics with their programs.

However, there is a big difference in SD WAN providers and their ability to provide focused, personalized and customized services and products to meet the needs of a specific company. As with most aspects of business service providers and vendors, the smaller, niche or customized types of service may offer global scope but also work with various carriers to provide the ideal combination of features.

Of course, the price will also be a factor. The TCO or Total Cost of Ownership for a business of these services can be all across the spectrum. Just keep in mind that the cost is not always related to the customization or features offered that are relevant and essential to your company.

Know the Focus

Before the hunt for SD WAN providers starts, take the time to consider what is most important across your network. For example, some companies may want to focus on security and, while all providers will offer basic security features, some may be more specialized in this area.

Additionally, it may be important to include other networks and features in the system that allows for greater flexibility and access. These may include hybrid types of systems, which are ideal for improving the ROI and TOC by allowing the lowest cost provider at the various locations rather than requiring all locations use the same carrier or provider.

Greater Flexibility

By choosing independent SD WAN providers rather than those connected to a specific telecommunication carrier, the provider can shop options, features, and pricing while boosting bandwidth and lowering overall operating costs.

Take the time to understand the capacity, experience and the expertise of any providers under consideration. Look carefully at what they are proposing for your project and understand the specifics of the proposal before making a final choice.


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