Is It Time For Your Loved One To Enter Companion Home Care?

Has your elderly family member recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Do you feel as if your family member is unhappy, uncomfortable, and depressed because of his or her illness? Well, your family member deserves comfort at the end of his or her life and it might be time for a better arrangement.

Companion home care is a popular option for elderly family members who aren’t interested in leaving their homes but are miserable and unhappy on their own.

How Home Care Works

When you sign up your elderly family member for companion home care, you’ll get a wealth of benefits. First, you’ll get a large hospice staff with medical experts ranging from physicians, nurses, medical aides, therapists, and more. With such a large staff available, your elderly family member can get comfort care from a variety of specialists whose job it is to ensure that the end of your family member’s life is as comfortable as possible.

Will You Get Equipment?

One of the benefits of checking your family member into an inpatient hospice care center is that your family member will have access to all of the special medical equipment that he or she needs including a hospital bed, breathing apparatus, and other equipment.

With home hospice, you can actually get access to all of the same equipment. Your family member will be equipped with everything that he or she needs to stay as comfortable as possible while he or she receives hospice care.

Hospice Eligibility

In order to be eligible to receive hospice care, your family member must have received a prognosis of a life expectancy of six months or less. Hospice is traditionally a palliative form of care, meaning that it is not intended to cure your family member of his or her illness but rather to make him or her as comfortable as possible as he or she finishes the rest of his or her life.

Are you ready to check your family member into hospice care? You should contact Sacred Journey Hospice by visiting to learn more about how your family member can get the care they need in a comfortable hospice environment. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.


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