Is it Necessary to Train Office Employees In CPR?

When it comes to training office employees in CPR, you’ll find that there seems to be two opposing opinions:

– It Is Useless
The first school of thought believes that training employees in CPR is completely useless since it is a drain on company resources and doesn’t have any useful applications when it comes to doing their jobs. This is due to the belief that employees in an office will never find themselves in a situation during which they’ll need to apply CPR.

– It Is Useful
The second school of thought is on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to CPR training. Emergencies can happen at any time, and having employees who are well-trained via a BLS Certification in Stockton CA could help in saving lives. This argument is based on various examples, the most common being fire. Fires can occur in an office building, resulting in smoke inhalation that could stop a person from breathing. In cases like this, CPR can be a life-saving measure if the person administering it knows what they are doing.

Why Companies Should Sponsor Training

While employees can always pay for their own training, it is unlikely that they would do so. Your company should pay for the CPR training of its employees, since the investment can go a long way towards saving multiple lives if an emergency should occur.

Is It Difficult To Learn?

CPR training just requires a few hours out of a person’s time in order to learn how to administer it properly. It is not that difficult, and the only thing you need to learn is how to properly position yourself and the body, how to apply enough pressure, and the proper method of introducing air into the other person’s lungs.

What Can I Expect From The Training?

The training is very straightforward. You will be taught the basics via a few audio-visual presentations, after which the instructor will demonstrate the proper procedure on a training dummy. You will be expected to follow along with the instructions, learn about proper positioning, and demonstrate your ability to perform proper CPR. In the end, it is a skill that you will take with you for the rest of your life, and you could potentially save a life in the future.

All in all, learning CPR is an extremely useful skill that people should learn whenever they have the chance, and this goes for your office, as well.


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