Is It Necessary To Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney?

If you are injured while at work, whether you seek the services of a workers comp attorney or not depend on the severity of your injuries. If your injury is minor and your employer is cooperative, an attorney usually is not required. However; if you suffered a serious injury and your employer is making it difficult for you to claim, then, a Chicago workers compensation attorney is necessary.

When it is important to have an attorney:

If it appears your case can become complicated you would be wise to hire an attorney, situations such as these warrant legal assistance:

   * Denial of benefits: It is not rare by any means that employers and their insurers reject valid claims for workers comp; they do so assuming that many workers will not appeal and in many cases this is exactly what happens. Surveys indicate that well over three quarters of those that are injured at work and have their claim denied simply accept it. A workers comp attorney will take your case on contingency so it will cost nothing up front to fight for your rightful benefits.

   * Settlement not good enough: Even if your employee makes a settlement offer, it may not be enough to cover all your medical expenses and lost income. You can’t rely on a judge to step in and act on your behalf, if you feel that the settlement that you have been offered is unfair you’re only hope lies with a Chicago workers compensation attorney.

   * Permanent or total disability: If your injury is such that you are permanently disabled you may be eligible for lifelong benefits to compensate you for lost income. In this case the insurance company is looking a huge settlement and they will try everything they can to escape having to pay you what they should. In cases like this a workers compensation attorney is an absolute must.

The original intention of workers compensation was the provision of fair compensation to employees who were injured on the job; unfortunately it is becoming more and more difficult to get an equitable settlement. If you have any doubt about being able to handle your claim you should contact a seasoned Chicago workers compensation attorney. Visit us at for more details.


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