Invisalign in Salisbury, NC Easily Fits into an Adult’s Life and Schedule

Many adults have suffered with crooked teeth their entire life. It’s a problem they may have just gotten used to. However, a major life event such as a wedding may make them take action. When they speak with their dentist about their options, they may be relieved to learn that they don’t have to wear metal braces and wires. Invisalign in Salisbury NC will be able to transform their smile. Instead of wearing metal brackets, the patient will wear a series of comfortable plastic aligners. These will comfortably shift the teeth into their correct alignment. The aligners are completely invisible and no one will know that they are wearing them.

Adults are much more comfortable at work when they don’t have to wear metal braces that are often associated with children. Because the aligners are taken out for meals, they don’t have to worry about having unattractive food stuck in them when they eat with co-workers or clients. Because the aligners can be taken out, the patient can thoroughly clean their teeth and floss their teeth. When a person wears traditional braces, it is hard to remove food that gets stuck in them. Plaque can build up on the teeth and lead to decay.

Invisalign in Salisbury NC easily fits into a busy adult schedule. After the dentist has taken impressions of the patient’s upper and lower jaw, a computer uses this information to determine the best alignment for the teeth. It then creates the series of aligners that will move the teeth into their correct position. The patient uses a new aligner every two weeks to achieve this goal. Dentists will often give the patient two or three aligners at one time to reduce the number of dental visits that they have to accommodate in their schedule. Once the teeth have reached their proper position, the patient will have to wear a retainer for about a year. This prevents teeth from returning to their prior position. Robert S. Ogden, D.D.S is one of the dentists in Salisbury who can fit patients with Invisalign transparent aligners. They can visit or their Twitter profile to learn more about his practice.


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