Investing in a New Air Conditioning System: What Features Matter the Most?

You’ve been thinking about investing in an air conditioning replacement in Tucson area, but you’re not sure what features you want included. The current system does have features that you like, so they should be part of the new one. How about adding a few features that weren’t available when the current system was installed? Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Programmable Thermostat

You’d like a thermostat that you could program for multiple temperature settings based on the time of day. This would allow the system to increase the setting when no one is home and adjust it to a lower setting a half-hour or so before anyone is due to return. That would allow you to reduce the energy consumption without having to compromise on comfort.

Remote Access

Did you forget to program the thermostat before you left on a trip? If you have remote access to the system, that won’t be a problem. Assuming you invested in an air conditioning replacement in Tucson that includes this feature, you can use the phone to access the home network, program the air conditioner using whatever specifications you like and get back to enjoying your time away from home.

Higher Energy Rating

The typical air conditioning replacement in Tucson today is more energy-efficient than the models on the market ten or twenty years ago. Opting for one with a better energy rating will ensure it takes less power to operate the unit in the years to come. That one feature will help cover much of the cost of replacing the older unit and you get to enjoy lower monthly utility costs.

There’s a lot to be said for a new air conditioning unit. Call a professional and arrange for someone to visit your home. Together, the two of you can explore options that are right for your home and come up with the ideal replacement.

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