Injured While Walking? Contact A Pedestrian Accident Attorney Right Away

People should be able to cross the street without being overly concerned they’ll be hit by a car. Pedestrians have an obligation to obey traffic signs and if they must walk on the road, to walk facing traffic to ensure they can see cars and trucks coming toward them. Drivers also have obligations. Although the vehicles on the road today are much safer than those just a couple of decades ago, they cannot stop quickly enough to avoid hitting a pedestrian right in front of their car.

Paying attention to the roadway is particularly important for drivers. The traffic can change very quickly, and drivers need to be able to make adjustments immediately. If a driver is looking at their phone or programming their GPS, they won’t be able to stop if a pedestrian walks into the street. Due to the nature of this type of accident, pedestrians are often badly injured. Anyone hit by a car or truck should talk to a Pedestrian Accident Attorney right away to learn about their right to compensation for their injuries.

Pedestrian accidents are often the result of a distracted or impaired driver. Many of them were using mobile devices at the time of the accident and simply didn’t see the pedestrian in the road. They may have even ran right through a stop sign or red light before hitting the person crossing the street. Whether the person is seriously injured or the accident is a fatality, the pressure this can put on a family is enormous. Medical bills alone can cause severe financial stress, and insurance companies are often less than willing to compensate an individual for their losses.

This is why anyone who is either personally involved in this type of accident or has lost a loved one as a result of a distracted or impaired motorist should get in touch with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney to get help with their claim. Insurance companies are much more apt to negotiate with an attorney than an accident victim. People can visit for more information about filing an accident claim and how an experienced attorney might be able to help. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.


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