Increase Performance With Rugged Unlocked Cell Phones

One of the biggest expenses for any type of business is keeping up with technology. When everyone is working in an office, there is a limited risk of damage to devices, but even under these conditions, accidents can and do happen.

The problem is even more extensive when you have employees, supervisors and managers working outside of the facility or in remote locations. Staying in touch with these individuals means either having them use their own personal cell phones for company business or buying cell phones and having to constantly replace them when they are damaged.

The Third Option

There is another option to consider besides the two mentioned above. This is the purchase of rugged unlocked cell phones that are designed to be dust, shatter and even water proof.

These cell phones are a perfect option for crew chiefs, shift supervisors and managers on a production floor, sales people on the road or anyone working outside of the office.

By choosing rugged unlocked cell phones from a reputable cell phone company that is not tied to your carrier, you can save hundreds of dollar on even a couple of phones. When you need large numbers, the savings will be even greater.

What to Look For

Look for unlocked cell phones that are new and not refurbished. The new phones offer a full warranty, and they will have the latest in operating systems and technology.

In addition, be very careful to make sure the phones are IG68 rated to be both dust resistant and water resistant. They will be able to be fully submerged to specific depths for specific amounts of time and still not be damaged, which is going to save in the cost of replacement that is such an issue with traditional types of cell phones.

Functions and Features

A couple of great features to consider for those using these rugged unlocked cell phones for work is the size of the control buttons. Larger buttons are easier to find and use in all types of conditions, including if the user happens to be wearing gloves.

Most of these phones will have a built-in flashlight, which is always a handy option to have. Additional features to look for include the ability to use speed dial buttons and to scroll easily through the system quickly with a single button push, maximizing access to information without a lot of time and looking through folders to find the specific app or file required.


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